The Immigration Program (TIP)




D.E.A.R. provides pro-and low-bono legal services and assistance to low-income immigrant families and individuals who are unable to afford private legal services. We serve the immigrant community that falls below the 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

Victim Impact Program

Refugee / Asylum Program

United Family Program

D.E.A.R. understands the difficulties that immigrants face in the United States from learning a new language and customs, finding employment, and to understanding the laws that impact our daily lives.  These challenges make more immigrants vulnerable to be victims of crimes. There are many that take advantage of this weakness, and the worst culprit is the misunderstanding of the law and your rights that are spread from neighbor to neighbor.

D.E.A.R. is concerned about the hundreds of displaced people that arrive to the United States every year running away from human rights violations in their countries of origin. Looking for peace, opportunities, freedom and a new beginning, displaced people come to the US seeking refugee or asylum status. Unfortunately, the US’ immigration law and policies are very strict and obsolete to effectively address this humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of asylum applications are denied every year causing hardship to displaced families. Many of these asylum seekers have to return to their countries or they have to hide in the shadows of the US system to avoid deportation and more human rights violations. D.E.A.R. Foundation is committed to support asylum seekers and refugees to find relief in the US through its legal empowerment activities. We offer education programs and legal support.

Family is the core of society. Immigrant families represent 12.5% of the total US population (Congress of the United States - Congressional Budget Office - A Description of the Immigrant Population: An Update. June 2011).  America is one of the richest societies in the world due to its diversity and multicultural background. Our immigrant families are part of this development and wealth. Sadly, our families are being separated and disintegrated by the application of the US’ immigration law and policies indiscriminately. DEAR believes in keeping our families together. Detentions and deportations cause extreme hardship to children and women. Our organization offers attention to these families through our legal support service for detentions and removal proceedings.