DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Marathon Summary

The DACA Marathon was the D.E.A.R. Foundation's first annual event. The "marathon" took place Saturday, September 27th and benefited 71 DACA eligible applicants. The event was held in partnership with Duke Students for Humane Borders who helped with many of the administrative duties such as data-entry and event day set up. Applicants began registering for the event two weeks before the actual Marathon celebration. The "marathon" was this time period, where D.E.A.R. pushed to reach as many applicants as possible. This allowed enough time for our attorney to review applications before the event. The event itself was a celebration for applicants who when approved will be able to obtain drivers licenses, work authorization, and therefore will be able to continue their education and better reach their goals.

The DACA Marathon lasted from 11:00a.m.until 5:00 p.m. Applicants were able to bring more evidence to the event, speak with our attorney about any concerns, and take a picture with their application packets. Stations lead by Duke Volunteers and supervised by D.E.A.R. staff, gave clients and students the opportunity to learn more about how the DACA application is compiled and prepared. Additionally, the event consisted of food, dance and singing performances from several Duke Student groups. Sabrosura, the Latin dance group was certainly enjoyed by both staff and clients alike. The event was covered by local Latino media outlets such as La Conexión and Que Pasa Media